Monkey Mind

three a.m and wide awake
my monkey mind wants to play
in vain I try to parent it down
from above, hanging from the jungle gym rungs
my monkey is stubborn

and swings away with thoughts
long like vines
at furious speeds
her primate hands grabbing
at past shames
and future worries
anxiety is her preferred fruit
fueling my monkey’s circus circuitry

minutes turn to hours
finally my monkey tires and rests
all worn out, limbs aching
her nocturnal hijinks complete
five a.m, released I drift back to sleep


I am not so fragile

that I can not break
I have been smashed

into a thousand pieces
Scattered like stars

brilliant with sharp edges
Only to sweep up my slivers 

and mend my fissures
I have loved profoundly

and wounded deeply
I can do both things

at once, and want you 
To take me off the shelf

drop me, break me
I am not so fragile

that we can not love


the stoicism of stone
sculpting into hardness
impenetrably sealed
where the external
slides, sloughing off
until seismic shifts
from another’s touch
command a crack
a deep fissure to the heart
cleaving to flesh
tender and permeable
wounded, beautiful human
worthy of love

Sleep Away

as the days unfold
deafening with silence
because you are gone
my littlest one
the one who brings the noise
a kinetic cacophony to life
how quiet it is without you
not better
or worse
for both can be true
just an absence
to sink into
this morning
when the temperate temperature
cooler air, greeted me 
my first thought opens like a bloom 
-what a splendid day
this is for you
to be so out loud with life-