today is the Sabbath
I won’t work
though my work is a spiritual practice
people deliver me

in worship we heard of green burial
it’s scandalous
the amount of embalming toxins stuffed into the earth each year
as if our planet were a jelly donut

after amen
I drafted poets for my cause
and lit wicks for future candle lighters
I worked with my fingernail
at the spilled pearly white wax
hardened on the altar

today Lou Reed died
and I wonder how Laurie Anderson is coping
as I listen to O Superman, then Sharkey’s Day
a favorite when I was in 7th grade

today is the Sabbath
today Lou Reed died
it was liver failure
his organs stopped filtering, ceased and deceased
I wonder if he will be buried green
I wonder how Laurie Anderson is coping

2 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. I think we all have a light, a Divine Spark, within us and we all have a deep dense darkness. And the darker the darkness the brighter the light yearns to shine. And maybe we ourselves are the darkness – opaque cages – preventing the light from shining. And maybe we are translucent multicolored containers spraying rainbows… I don’t think anyone ever passes away. Separation is only an illusion of time.


  2. I love how you changed the Sabbath into Lou’s liver failure. Powerful. Glad to see another Lou and Laurie fan out there. BTW, your new photo is great. You remind me of a friend of mine here in Portland. Thanks for following me, too. I’d love to talk about how you construct your poems. I too am a poet.


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