I recall the day
Caroline faded
as the taxi pulled away.
I watched her wave.
I watched her disappear
and knew, somehow
she would never be
so opaque again.

It would take sixteen full years
for her physical body
to agree.
It would take numerous TIA’s
a pacemaker
and skin biopsies
before this world
would let Caroline, be
let her worn down machinery
release the soul cell
she was meant to be.

I was fortunate
to have been able
to clearly see
her wave goodbye
that humid Floridian day
and to wave in return
as the tears clouded
my view
of Caroline.


We sleep, compressed

between skin, within

someone else’s bed

laying brains on foreign pillows

denting batting

with our hard shell heads.

Passports become artifacts

become relics, totem fetishes

of home

as we seek peak experience

to share

lifting a slim veil, understanding

what it means to be.