December has been deconstructed
warped, wrapped
stacked under the tree
in obscene amounts, compensations
weighted matter without matter
lost is the kindness
replaced with staging, pre-lit love

And guilt to give
the perfect gift, paying perfect homage
with a prefect token, pure and sacrificial
received in perfect manner
humble and gushing
gratitude with the tags still on

I want to scream
when the shoppers box me in
their metal carts cornering me
I’ve become an obstacle
to overcome
in their quest for the perfect wheel of brie
on my heels in the aisle
on my tail in traffic
I want to hide
until January

I want to hold my children
I want to tell them

“you have enough
but I will give you my time
my voice, my ear, my love
I will share God with you
and it will be enough”

Peace Work

In mourning I awaken

To find the work unraveled

So, I pick up the threads

One, then another

Between finger and thumb

And begin, again

Braiding kindness into the day

One act of peace

A simple decency

A mitzvot

A good deed

One, then another

Weaving a rope of tensegrity

Of compassion

A life line of humanity

Connecting our world

To the Divine